30 Minute Love Affair

Leave it to iTunes to randomly play a song that brings back memories that are supposed to remain hidden…forever.

The song in question is Paloma Faith’s song “30 Minute Love Affair”. Listening to the song definitely brought back memories of the guy who took my v-card. The circumstances by which we met was very random. I had just moved to Lausanne, Switzerland for my study abroad and was getting acquainted to the city since my flatmates hadn’t moved in yet.

I went to a Brasserie in the city centre to have a drink when he approached me. We introduced ourselves and I told him that my conversational French was pretty bad so I wanted to find someone I can practise with. We started speaking in French and he would correct anytime I made grammatical error or mispronounced something and laugh at my sad attempts at making jokes in French. After a few drinks he invited me over to his place and for reasons unknown I said yes and we left the Brasserie.

We got into his car and he drove to his place. We continued our conversation and after a while we just naturally started caressing each others hands. This ended up in a make-out session and he carried me to his bedroom. Everything moved so fast and the next thing I knew we were going at it. I mean full blown sex. Prior to him, I had been with some guys but it was mostly mutual fellatio but with him I don’t know what happened I just allowed “nature” to take its course.

Not to sound like a movie cliché but he was the best sex I ever had and no one has yet to surpass that. Cannot think of the word/adjective to describe it. He even made me stay the night and we cuddle together. He drove me home the next day and we spend a good 10 mins making out in his car. He messaged me moments later thanking me for a fun time. I simply texted back saying “J’ai eu un moment de plaisir”.

I never heard back from him after I sent that text and I wasn’t angry or sad (I had seen so may people become clingy too people who were their first, and besides it was just sex right?). I don’t think he knew he was the person to take my v-card.

When I first heard the song during the summer of 2012 (incidentally when I first started this blog), I felt it was written of me. Sounds weird but just read the lyrics below

30 minute love affair
All in the blink of an eye
There you were standing there
I heard an angel cry
Runaway lover
I soon discovered
It was best when we left it
I’ll never forget it
Our 30 minute love affair

Now the song is on repeat on my phone. Ahhh the memories

Full song for your enjoyment!

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