So I finally go around to update my “About” page. Honestly, I don’t quite believe that this text box is big enough for myself description even if its a summary. It’s hard to believe I can explain who I am in a textbox on the web. The writer in me seems to think the textbox is not big enough, but I’ll try to start with what I have and give a concise description of myself

So who am I? Well I’m a 23 now 24 year old  recent postgraduate  trying to navigate this so called adult world. I have a global perspective on almost everything and I have a soft spot for LEGO’s and electronic  gadgets . One fascinating tidbit about moi, I have owned almost every single iPod (from the very first iPod) that Apple has released save for the iPod “fatty” [the square iPod Nanos] and the iPod Nanos that had built in cameras.

I am on the quest to be proficient -or have basic fluency- in 5 languages (I’m at 2 since English doesn’t count). I’m usually shy but can be very extroverted when the need arises!

Everyone seems to think my life is super exciting but I don’t really think so. I’ve been told I have a very infectious laugh. When I was vacationing in Portugal, the tour guide told me that my name and laugh can help people who have anger issues….

7 thoughts on “About

  1. You sound really sexy…but I heard you got into Kings College. Are you gonna post about that?

    Love your blog….I’d love to meet you!

  2. Oh have we met? I just thought you were a cool German boy from Cornell!
    I know German chocolate is the bestttttt

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