Love at first sight or ermmm at first click…

So I’m in love. There I said it.

With who you may ask…well its a long and bizarre story. Recently meet a guy and I have concluded that he is my future husband. I have already pictured our life together and our future mapped out.  He is smart and very handsome and is the total package for me. We have some mutual friends in common on facebook and lets be honest I have been stalking him although we are not Facebook “friends”. Truth be told, we have not had an actual conversation we had a little mini conversation (but it doesn’t really count)  I know crazy right?. But from what I have gathered, we have a lots of things in common. We need to meet and get married like now! I am not even kidding.

On a serious note, he is a very smart guy from the looks of it and i’m scared to make the initial move for the fear of rejection or something even worse (like to find out that he’s taken, or he doesn’t date “blacks” or he’s straight [that will be highly suspect] #gayboyproblems). I don’t know what to do. I may message him and start a conversation to see where things lead.

Wish me luck

5 thoughts on “Love at first sight or ermmm at first click…

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