Studying for finals sucks. Literally.

I have 6 finals throughout the month of May with the first two starting this week but I don’t really want to study for them. I thought I was done with studying finals after completing my undergraduate life but alas I was wrong. I keep looking for things to distract myself from studying but I have been failing at it so I actually do study.

My flatmate said I need better distractions if I want to refrain from studying (one can only study soo much). With that she suggested that we go on a double date. To which I replied “Huh”. A while back my roommate and I decided to meet people and start dating. Given the fact I haven’t properly dated anyone in a long time, I was intrigued by the prospects of meeting people and exploring other parts of London.

This got me thinking about the last time I was excited about a guy or giddy about going on a date. I mean I did post about me being “love” a few weeks ago (See here for post). I think wrote that post because I hadn’t been excited about a guy in a long while. Anyway it was all in my head and to give an update, I did message him and he responded back but I don’t think I’m his type which is totally fine by me. I reckon I was attracted to his intelligence and whatever potential situation I created in my head. The whole being in love thing was just a juvenile fantasy and would not recommend it to anyone…well maybe. I mean how can you fall in love with a person you haven’t physically met. It only happens in movies and dreams and porn. Obviously not in real life
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