Thank You!

It feels as if I have abandoned this blog but in theory, I have not. I have just been swamped with loads of work and sort of active dating life (more on that later).

I just wanted to use this post to thank everyone who sent me an email regarding “The Blame Game” posts I made earlier this year. I did not expect this massive attention. Better yet, I was surprised majority of those who emailed me agreed with my comments. Some shared the views of my mum sister and friends while others held pretty extremist views.

All in all, thank you for sharing your opinions with me. With that said thank you for all the support and newly formed friendships. Thank you for making the posts one of the most views pages on this blog.

Most of you suggested I keep my email address visible so its easier to reach me. I have noted that and will keep it visible in the side bar. I will be adding posts/updating the blog pretty soon so stay tuned. Once again thank you. Everyone gets to have a cupcake as my treat.

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