2 Year Anniversary

Exactly two years ago, I created this blog to be a kind of cathartic experience for things happening in my life. I didn’t know what my blog was going to be and I honestly still do not know what type of direction this blog is headed.

I can’t believe that I have kept this blog open for more than a year. My previous experiences with blogging is filled with abandonment as I will randomly stop writing and delete the numerous blogs I created. So will I abandon this blog? I don’t really know…[lets hope I don’t abandon it].

As part of my two year anniversary, I want to highlight some interesting tidbits about my blog.

As of today, this blog has been viewed 2,273 times with 116 comments.

The blog has 73 posts with this being the 74th post.

The day with the most views is currently 18th December 2013 with 49 views.

People from 62 different countries have viewed my blog.

The top 10 countries that have visited my blog are:
South Africa

Some interesting google search terms that lead to my blog are:
“Celine Dion These are special times”
“Gay adult men adventures”
“Can 2 attractive friends not think about eachother?”
“so young”
“so young gayboy”
“two attractive people friends”
“guy’s identity crisis gay”
“can two attractive people be friends”
“exoticisation of gayness”
“determinationation of african identity which sometime leads to crisis

My most view posts are:
About Me
On being Exoticised and Sexualised
Can two attractive people be friends?
Identity Crisis or Crisis of Identity?
Why are you single? Part II

I will like to end this post by thanking every person who has viewed my blog either via google search, wordpress, random links, etc. I know my blog is not thought provoking like the billion of blogs on the internet but thanks for visiting (and staying if you liked it).

I also know some posts are filled with typos and grammatical errors. Thanks again for still reading nonetheless. To all the [virtual] friends I have made since I created this blog, thanks for your emails and commentaries (you know who you are) wish we could go out to celebrate 🙂 .

Cheers to 2 years of blogging and more adventurous moments ahead.

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