The Case for Intra-Racial Relationships

In my previous post, I was wondering about a personal issue. The issue was mostly about interracial relationships and don’t think I talked enough about intra-racial gay relationships. This is going to be a relatively short post about my thoughts on intra-racial relationships amongst gay people of colour.

The current media landscape has come along way in showing gay relationships. Most relationships are either interracial or intra-racial. The intra-racial relationships are of the caucasian kind. The validation of gay relationship among other racial minorities, however, is hard to come across in the media. Wouldn’t it be nice if a prominent gay person of color was dating someone of his race? I honestly believe more people would be able to see that such relationships are possible, real, and beautiful. We see it almost everywhere in the straight media so why can’t we see that in the gay media?

We are often taught what it beautiful by the media. More often than not, Asian/Black/Hispanic/Native American is not used as the standard of beauty. Why is it that out of 5 seasons of shows like Queer as Folk, only white intra-racial relationships are shown. What about viewers who don’t identify as white who watch such shows? Don’t they need characters who can provide them with some kind of inspiration or present situations where such people can relate to? Everyone criticises shows that don’t have “diversity” so why can’t we have minority [gay] intra-racial relationships in gay themed tv shows?

I know there are loads of people who really long to see that one trailblazing queer intra-racial couple of colour come in and just prove the world that yes people of colour can have “normal” relationships and such relationships are more common. This can help with homophobia education in certain racial/ethnic cultures because they believe that “homosexuality is a white man’s thing” since all they see are the intra-racial relationships of the caucasian kind.

So yes we do need more representation of intra-racial relationships among people of colour.


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