Another Liebster Award Nomination


It has been almost 10 months since I got nominated for a Liebster Award by fellow blogger Purple Gloves who I had the chance to meet before I left London. He’s an amazing fellow and you most definitely need to follow and read his blog if you haven’t already done so.

This time around I was nominated by another fellow blogger Diary of a Gay Person of Color Thanks mate for the nominations. There are some rules I have to follow as part of being a nominee but I will bypass them and just answer the questions posed by Diary of a Gay Person of Color. Hope he doesn’t mind.

So here goes nothing….

Questions from Diary of a Gay Person of Color

1. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
This is easy. Every meal made by my mum is the best meal I’ve ever had. She is a fantastic cook.

2. What ability or skill do you most wish you had (that you don’t have already)?
Hmmm. I wish I had the ability of a fast reader. I could read loads of books and still remember the plots and characters. I have a stack of books to read and it will take me a while to finish them given the pace at which I read at the moment.

3. What’s the biggest problem facing the world right now?
There are loads of problems facing the world right now and I believe they are all big concerns. If I had to choose, I reckon it will be poverty. As a world we need to provide the basic needs of every single person on this planet. See people living in extreme poverty makes my heart melts. Yet we valourise some useless celebrities and material things.

4. If you had to choose only one: cat or dog? Why?
I will choose a dog. I mean there can only be one diva at my house and cats are natural divas. In all seriousness, I have always wanted a dog as a pet so yeah.

5. Would you choose a free trip or money?
Well anyone who has taken economics knows that there is no such thing as “free lunch”…There is obviously a catch somewhere. I will choose the money because it one of the things I need at the moment in my life.

6. How do you measure happiness?
I don’t have a criteria to measure my happiness. I just know when I am happy and when I’m not. But when my best friends are happy, then I am happy as well

7.Do you believe in the idea of 5-year plans? Why or why not?
Of course. Nothing wrong with having a 5 year plan. Its quite the short term plan and easily doable.

8.What is your favorite music genre?
I will go with Pop since it is the most played genre in my iTunes library at the moment.

9.How would you define success in life?
Interesting one. I define success as being able to achieve a specific set of goals that requires hard work and dedication.

10. If you could do what you love, and the ability to make good money doing it is certain, how much pain would you be willing to take on to make it happen?
As the saying goes “k[no]w pain, k[no]w gain so yes I am willing to go through some kind of pain to make my dreams a reality.

So there you have it folks 🙂


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