What’s the Name of the Game

Well, its been a long time since I last posted something. My summer has been quiet eventful and its keeping me away from writing my dissertation (bad news).  I did a bit of travelling as I was in Italy for a week and I have also been exploring England. The trips have been amazing and the can’t wait for my next adventure. I have a wanderlust and can’t help my appetite my travelling.

Things have been moving relatively well with the Polish guy. We have been on four more dates and he very into me. He’s told me several times that he really likes me. I even went to work with him last friday and we spent the entire day together. It was one of the romantic things I’ve ever done. I have also met all of his close friends and two of them were actually hitting on me and one of them managed to get my phone number…He also met my flatmate and they hit it off quite well and she approves of him. He stayed over at my flat two days ago…So what now?

We have plans this weekend. He is volunteering for London Pride tomorrow and I will be going around taking pictures. We will be meeting later to grab a snack and then we will be of to a friends party later that night. So far everything has great. We get along really well and we have started to take couple like pictures and my sister and friends says its very cute.

We’ve been seeing each ofter for about 5 weeks now but I want to know where this is going to lead. I know he’s the long term relationship type so I want to know if this is a summer fling or not. I know I should just enjoy his company and forget about labels but its nice to know where this will lead…

Also in a bit of good news, I am very excited that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled the Defence of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional and ruled against Proposition 8 in California. It made me very excited as the it was a monumental milestone for equality in the United States and it made me proud to be American…


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