Studying for finals sucks. Literally.

I have 6 finals throughout the month of May with the first two starting this week but I don’t really want to study for them. I thought I was done with studying finals after completing my undergraduate life but alas I was wrong. I keep looking for things to distract myself from studying but I have been failing at it so I actually do study.

My flatmate said I need better distractions if I want to refrain from studying (one can only study soo much). With that she suggested that we go on a double date. To which I replied “Huh”. A while back my roommate and I decided to meet people and start dating. Given the fact I haven’t properly dated anyone in a long time, I was intrigued by the prospects of meeting people and exploring other parts of London.

This got me thinking about the last time I was excited about a guy or giddy about going on a date. I mean I did post about me being “love” a few weeks ago (See here for post). I think wrote that post because I hadn’t been excited about a guy in a long while. Anyway it was all in my head and to give an update, I did message him and he responded back but I don’t think I’m his type which is totally fine by me. I reckon I was attracted to his intelligence and whatever potential situation I created in my head. The whole being in love thing was just a juvenile fantasy and would not recommend it to anyone…well maybe. I mean how can you fall in love with a person you haven’t physically met. It only happens in movies and dreams and porn. Obviously not in real life

Fastforward to today and I still haven’t gone on a date yet or been remotely excited about someone. I always come up with an excuse (i.e by saying people/boys suck so why waste my time) or I don’t initiate conversation with a person I’m interested in. I hate that waiting game to see if someone you messaged is going to respond back. The worse part is when they don’t respond and you see them visiting your profile multiple times. Its just annoying. At least respond back and say you are not interested. Its just common courtesy but I guess since its the internet, there are no etiquettes.

I have often written about on this blog that I enjoy my life as a singleton and I am definitely not waiting for any prince charming to sweep me off my feet but at the same time I want to explore the world of dating and be excited about some and talk about them. I have been told to put myself out there and see what what happens but if others see me as a walking sex object, there is not dating on the horizon.

Now that I have swore off hooking up with people for the time being (its not the first time I’ve done it. The longest I have gone was 2 years) it will be nice to have a good distraction at this point rather than using sleep and endless reading (of Mintzberg and Porter) to distract myself from the realities of grad school and life in general.


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