On Ne Change Pas

After my long rant about being sexualised (see previous post), I decided to tweak my gaydar profile a tiny bit and see what happens. The change in question was to include my “sexual position”. I decided to indicate “bottom” (and no I am not a bottom…or am I?) as my sexual position and boy has that altered the course of my gaydar journey. Firstly, the amount of arse pictures and unsolicited “hey you wanna fuck messages” has drastically dropped. I haven’t received one in 2 weeks. Secondly my profile view has dipped quite low. I used to get over 30 views per day but now its more like 3 views on a good day. I reckon its good since it weeds out all the bad ones. Thirdly, I recently got this message from a faceless profile “Your a fucking dull boring blk idiot”. I didn’t even have to respond as the person blocked me. People are very weird these days…

Besides my gaydar “adventures” nothing much is happening. Classes just ended for me so I’m mostly resting and will begin to study for my finals and begin writing my dissertation. Hope my life stays this calm for a while.


5 thoughts on “On Ne Change Pas

  1. I’d heard something about 90% of gay men being bottoms before, I just didn’t know that was an actual thing.

    The other way to turn them off is to indicate “serious relationships only.”

    • That statistic is especially true in London, I have never “seen” so many bottoms here in London… I already have the “serious relationships only” bit already checked on my profile and that didn’t seem to do the trick…

  2. Wow,, well let me start by saying “hi there!”, I just want to give a suggestion related to option number two.
    You said that you used to have 30 views per day and it seems like less then it lately.
    Based on my experienced, it mostly happened because there is no contact or keep in touch. For example; when someone like or comment in your blog then you also have to pay back by visiting his/her blog, and give some comment or even just for simply ‘LIKE” one of his/her posting.

    Sorry if i talk too much. GOOD LUCK!

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Lau,

      Thanks for the response. I’m not necessarily bothered by the drop in views. Its just interesting to note how it dropped simple because I tweaked an option. Not everyone who views my profile sends a message. It’s kinda like window shopping. You don’t go to every shop you see on the high street (bad analogy but, you catch my drift)

      Also you don’t talk too much!


      • yeah,, totally agree but if you take the analogy like that then you must have to do something great then to catch people attention to stop by and even give some comment. that’s what i believe. i haven’t proven it yet but i am going to πŸ™‚ i try hard to make my blog look great and also try to post something great too.

        However, what is the point of blogging, it is to share right, so don’t push it. just enjoy posting hhehe πŸ™‚ have a nice day from Indonesia

        ~ LAU

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