Eh, Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2013.
Were did time go?

Most Importantly, where have I been? Hmmm to make a long story short, I have been around. Loads of things have happened since my last post on Boxing day. I will be writing about them in separate posts in the coming days/weeks. I promise to post regularly

I wanted to write a reflection about 2012 but realised that we are 23 days into 2013 so why bother eh? Let’s just say 2012 was a great year for me and I hope 2013 continues the trend.

I ended 2012 on quite the high note. I dubbed the last friday of 2012 as my “Slut Weekend” and it was fascinating. I allowed my inner slut emerge and boy was it fierce and brave. On Friday 29th December, I decided to go out and enjoy the last days of 2012 instead of working on my take home finals (clearly I have my priorities in line).

I met a friend and his acquaintance at the famous G-A-Y bar in London for drinks and we headed to a club called Heaven (quite the appropriate name) later that night. Heaven was great! There were so many boys and men I wanted to bang. Usually when I go to clubs I get very shy and want other guys to initiate conversations with me. I rarely make the first move but this time I told myself it was going to be different this time.

After loads of drinks, my alter ego took over and the fun commenced. I remember making out with four different guys and one of them was my friend’s acquaintance. Very awkward. He wanted us to go over to his flat and hook up but I was soo smashed and would have had a whiskey dick which would have led to a very lousy fuck session and I didn’t want that. Besides I was craving pancakes (the American version not the crepe looking ones here in London). My friend’s acquaintance was upset that I didn’t want to hook up with him so he bid us goodbye in a very rude way. For his defence, he did by me loads of drinks and we made out so I might have led him on…

The time at Heaven was the first time I made out with a southeastern Asian (i.e an Indian guy) and multi-racial persons. Even when drunk, I was commended on my kissing abilities. I really have to thank Thibaut for teaching me during those amazing make-out sessions we had when I lived in Switzerland. I am forever indebted to you.

Aside from making out with random people, I did not take anyone one. Making out was the extent of my “Slut Weekend”. I went home in high spirits even though I did not take anyone home. I woke up the next afternoon with random texts from unknown numbers and a picture of someone’s penis on my phone. It wasn’t my a picture of my penis so I was very relieved. Since there was no names mentioned in the texts, it was difficult to decipher the identity of who sent them.

Interestingly, my friend’s acquaintance sent me a message apologising for his behaviour. He said we should grab lunch some time. I answered back stating “Sure. no worries. we were all drunk. lunch sounds great”. We still have had lunch yet.

Besides that life has been relatively tame. All I want to do is just sleep. That’s just bad news given the fact that I’m a postgrad student and this term is proving to to quite the work. I wish I could clone myself and make my clone do all the work while just relax. I also need to get a job as my funds are currently being depleted very rapidly. It appears that the prices of everything jumped up as we entered 2013 here in the UK (particularly in London). Everything from internet to transportation (I now pay almost 100 pounds per month) has gone up.

My mum says no money for me until April. She seriously needs to understand that being a postgrad student in London is not like living as postgrad student in the U.S. Sure the tuition is cheaper than what I paid as an undergraduate but the living expenses here are off the charts. But alas she’s right. I need to start adjusting my spending habits and get a job as I need another source of income.

So my new year’s resolution is to find me a sugar daddy. There I said. Don’t give that look because I know you are judging me. Its either that or I would become a hooker/escort…I am just kidding or am I?

No but seriously the sugar daddy bit is very tempting. There’s no harm in trying and who knows, I may get married to a billionaire and never have to work in my life. I can just travel the world and look beautiful. Everyone says I will be a great kept man so why not try to see if I belong in that world. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Eh, Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say!

  1. Personally I’ve always avoided sugar daddy types, I don’t like the idea of getting used to a lifestyle that I cannot afford. But if it’s what you really want then go for it but talk to people who are/have been in that situation before you decide to embark on it (if you haven’t already). By the way this is one of the only Gaga songs I actually like 🙂

    • The sugar daddy bit was just something I thought about for a split second and I dont think I will be able to go with it. Its quite scary and the thought of being with someone as old as (even older) my parents is weird. I dont think will be comfortable at all.

      Glad you recognised the Gaga title!

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