A Dose of Reality…

Growing up, I have always lived in a protected bubble. My family is fairly “rich” and I enjoyed the numerous luxuries but as I began to mature, I have certainly realised a have a warped view of the world in which I live in. It is not to say that I have ignored the world all this time. It just never hit close to home till last week when there was a potential murder outside my window last week…

I still live with my aunt and I generally go about doing my mundane daily activities. Last week Tuesday night was just another regular weekday for me as I was procrastinating/trying to do reading for my courses when I head noises outside my window. I attributed the noise to the neighbourhood kids making noise so I just turned the volume up on my iPod to drown the noise. As time went on I heard that screeching noise from police cars and ambulances along with their flashing lights. I was curious as to what was happening outside so I peaked through my window and saw a motionless body being pulled into an ambulance with blood everywhere.

I ran downstairs to inform my aunt but she was already outside with other neigbours talking to the police. From what I could gather, a 16 year old was stabbed five times literally a few feet away from out front door on the streets. The police did not think he was going to survive.

After hearing the news, I went to my room and kept asking “What the hell just happened”. I have never witnessed a “crime” before. I usually hear and read about it on TV. I always thought I was above these things. I have always lived in a relatively secure neighborhood and I have always avoided the bad side of town. I mean sometimes I refuse to go to the Bronx and visit family relatives who live there. To say I was traumatised is quite the understatement. And for this incident to happen right outside my window in London of all places was quite the shocker. Don’t get me wrong I have read about all the stabbings and violence in London so I am not that naïve. I just didn’t expect it to happen so close to me. I am over my “trauma” and everyone keeps going about their business as if nothing happened which is quite an eyeopener for me. I guess its a live and learn lesson.


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