Perhaps I just complain too much

I’m currently sitting in my cousin’s room looking at the rain fall. Typical.British.Weather.

I could be doing the readings for my courses and modules but I’m just lazy and trying not to be stressed out. I have still not found a flat yet. I am living with my aunt and I believe I have over stayed my welcome. The other postgrads who were supposed to be flat hunting with me bailed out (note to self do not go flat hunting with American girls…). Ideally I would rather live in a studio flat by myself just to avoid flatmate drama but the ridiculous cost of housing in London made me think otherwise. I meet a British guy yesterday who is in the same situation as I am and we agreed to flat hunt together. We looked at 6 different flats yesterday and by the time I got home to email the landlords, I got a response saying all the flats were already leased. All six of them. Seriously??

Now I have to start searching and book new viewings again. It will also be quite beneficial if the U.S. Federal government will disburse my funds quickly so I can actually have the money and sign a lease once I see a flat I like instead of negotiating with a landlords to extend the move in date. I’m told by my school that the funds should be in this week but I can’t get a refund until the week of 8th October. My personal funds are quickly diminishing…

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that I can’t get a smartphone in this city. Apparently one needs a UK credit history in order to get a contract smartphone. Like seriously?? After listening to the reasons behind it, it make sense. I mean look at all the people with smartphones in the U.S. who cannot pay their phone bills. I’m just mad that I have to use a non-smartphone (i.e “dumb phone”) for three months before I can be eligible to upgrade to a smartphone. I don’t know who I will survive #firstworldproblems. My first phone was a blackberry smartphone and I’ve always had a smartphone. This is going to be an interesting 3 months. On the other hand I can buy the phone I want of contract and just get a very cheap sim card (there are loads of them here) but the phone I want is almost $800 and no it is not the iPhone 5 (yuck).

Look at me complaining. Someone somewhere has it worse than I do and I’m sitting here whining about not having a smartphone to use. I clearly need to get my priorities straight.


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