London Calling, Friendly Criticism and OkCupid

Finally made it to my favourite city in the world!!
Yup that’s right I have arrived in London.

The above song pretty much sums up London for me. Also who can resist such brutal honesty from Lily Allen.

I have been here since Tuesday and I have been looking for flats but nothing concrete so far. My funds for my living expenses does not get disbursed until the week of 24th September so I’m generally looking for a place that will allow me to pay for the first 2 weeks of rent or if they can hold the flat for me until September 26. Keeping my fingers crossed. I previously mentioned that I was going to be searching with other postgrads from my school but they have been relatively silent. Just hope they are still interested.

Anyway, I hangout with my British friends in London yesterday and I made the mistake of leaving my blog open. With them being nosy as hell, they read through my posts and offered some criticisms. My response to their critics (to which I responded in person)is spelled out below.

Firstly, they said I have loads of typos in some previous post. I will like to take this opportunity to apologise to any reader who has come across my bad grammar. I hold others to high standards when it come to grammar and it’s only fair I do the same. I will scrutinise by posts before I hit the publish button. Secondly, they claim I don’t write like a college graduate/postgrad (what does this even mean??). According to them, I am such a good writer (highly doubt it) but this blog reads like diary. Umm isn’t it the point of a non-news blog? One thing that stuck with me from the A.P. English Language and Composition class I took in high school is that, a “writer” must know her/his audience. Clearly I am not writing a novel or a scientific paper thus the contents and structure of this blog will not be totally organised. Besides I am not as witty as I claim to be…Also I am not assuming my audience are not smart enough to read a highly sophisticated blog entry. It just the way I want to write this blog. Finally with me being do tech savy, they say my blog looks a bit boring. They want it to be fancy. Well I’ll see about that later…

I finally gave in and changed my OkCupid location to London. I tweaked my profile a bit but I have not uploaded a new picture. Now the site wants me to contact 15 new people to complete my profile. THE HELL. Ain’t nobody got time for that…
Maybe I will do it later. But for now it seems like a chore. I’m leaving my profile as is to see if any brave souls will contact me.


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