Accidental Matchmaker?

So my date ermmm I mean my day with the first years wasn’t as bad as I expected. Fortunately for me, their parents were not in the audience but I still didn’t crack any jokes. I was too busy ogling at the new boys in the room. I know I said I will not fall for straight guys but these crop of new freshmen were just…#gayboyproblems. Okay enough with that. I pretty much such gave a bunch of advice and constantly told them not to be afraid to seek help and they should take a break when school gets very stressful or overwhelming. My alma mater is a notorious pressure cooker and a highly stressful environment and they don’t tell you this in the glossy prospectus.

As I was waiting for the bus to go home around 14h00, I struck a conversation with a first year student who didn’t know who to navigate the bus system. I explained the basics and she introduced herself. At that moment, a graduate student (whom I don’t even know) also appeared at the bus stop and he joined the conversation. After the usual introductions, I was still talking to my new “friend” when the grad student asked her where she was from and she said she was Brasilian. After she mentioned that, the conversation took a turn and both of them began to speak in Portuguese completely leaving me out. I wasn’t offended at all. I just smiled. They kept on speaking and the girl missed her bus. She didn’t even look bothered. Since I don’t know any Portuguese, I’m assuming they will probably hangout.

This is not the first time I have played an accidental matchmaker. Funny thing is I don’t play matchmaker for my friends. During my second year in my American Indian Studies class, I was befriending a very handsome lacrosse player who just transfered to my school and was asking me about campus life and all that jazz. A week later, a new girl came to the class and she start next me. We made small talks and found out that we were both from the same state and she lived in a town next to where my home is. I introduced her to my new lacrosse friend and they just hit it right off. She began to sit next to him in class and remained there for the rest of the semester. They were always giggling and laughing in class. At that moment, I trying by best not to be jealous and it kinda worked as I kept thinking he’s straight and he will definitely not be interested in me.

I wonder in I was a matchmaker if my previous life…


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