Wait.What…Class of 2016?

Today at 8am, first years (Class of 2016, I fell terribly old typing this out) at my university began to move into their respective residence halls and kick off orientation. Seeing them brought back memories as I was in the same exact spot four years ago. I refuse to believe that I was once a naïve freshman who began that proverbial new chapter. But I guess we all have to start some where eh?

All the first years look so innocent and I just can’t wait till they get a dose of reality and their many “firsts”. I have to give a mini spiel to the first years who are interested in persuing the same major I did as an undergraduate. I’ve been thinking about this all day and I don’t know I’m going to what I’m going to say. Since their parents are going to be in the audience, I can’t make silly jokes. Ugh

I don’t want my spiel to be overly inspirational or boring. I also dont want to repeat the whole “enjoy college as time is going to pass by very quickly” or “be adventurous and explore new horizons” diatribe. I plan on thinking about some sort of advice over the weekend for the first years and hopefully I can make them laugh!


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