Amy Winehouse: A year later…

There are very few music artists in the world that I recognise as talented and whose music I adore and love. Amy Winehouse was one of them. On Sunday 23 July, 2011, I had just returned to London from Brussels and was very tired but couldn’t fall asleep as it was around 13h00. I decided to watch anything random on the Beeb (in the UK, people usually refer to BBC as the Beeb) when there was breaking news that mentioned that Amy Winehouse had been found dead. I stayed glued to the telly waiting for any updates. I had been a huge fan of Amy when she first appeared on my radar (i.e before her album Back to Black propelled her to a global superstar). I remember coming back from vacation from the UK with her debut album “Frank” and playing my “Frank”, “In my Bed” and “Fuck Me Pumps”. My middle school and high school friends were fond of saying
“who is Amy Winehouse”
“You listen to weird music”
“Why do you like British music”
I just smiled and nodded.

When I got my hands on Back to Black for Thanksgiving in 2006 (five months before it was released in the US, perks of having family members everywhere :P), It was love at first sight. I couldn’t get enough of “Valerie”, “Rehab”, “Back to Black”, “Cupid” and “Love is A Losing Game”

On the day of her death, almost every station in the UK, from ITV, BBC, C4 to Sky, were playing her music videos and discussing her life struggles. Most people had predicated her death since her drug use was spiraling out of control, but somehow I held on to a hope that she will overcome her demons and produce another amazing follow up to Back to Black. But alas I was wrong. Amy died. While I didn’t cry, I was just sad for the next two days. Perhaps I was shocked or in denial about Amy’s death. There is no denying that Amy Winehouse was talented and her music was a breathe of fresh air for the music industry. I miss you Amy.

Indeed, we only said goodbye with words…


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