Profound Sorrow

I really do not get very sentimental when it comes to gun violence but I couldn’t help but feel profound sadness and grief for the victims of today’s shooting in Aurora, Colorado. I went to the midnight screening in my city for The Dark Knight Rises. Upon hearing the news about the Colorado shooting as I woke up in the morning, I keep saying/thinking “This could have easily happened in my city”. I also felt sick thinking about the fact that as I was watching the movie, people were getting massacred…

I posted this as my Facebook status and I will post it here as well…

Movies are supposed to be a safe haven from our crazy world and not a place for massacre. While we are all excited about the The Dark Knight Rises, lets not forget to stay safe and remember that, most movies are fictitious.My sympathies to everyone affected by this senseless tragedy in Colorado. My heart breaks for these victims families. They were fans. Fans excited for TDKR, and their lives were taken away for no reason. Just so sad…


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