Handwriting…what is that?

Today at work, I came across an article in The New Yorker that was talking about the demise of script/cursive writing in the United States. This got me thinking about the current state of handwriting among today’s youth. My parents and grandparents have the finest penmanship. Me on the other hand…well just take a look at the picture below.

my sad attempt at writing

I often get complimented for my penmanship or the fact that I write like a girl -__- (just dislike how things are easily viewed from a gendered perspective). My mum and grandmother used to be teachers so they encouraged me to constantly practice writing legibly. I remember practicing writing when I was around 6 with a book called “My First Cursive Writing”. When I lived in London, we had cursive lessons in primary school. Teachers could refuse to grade a student’s homework if they didn’t have right proper cursive letter or script. My French teacher also emphasized cursive writing to it pretty much stuck with me

Even today, I write faster than I type. I still write all my essays by hand before I type and submit it (saves me alot of time proofreading since I already correct it on paper before typing :P). My younger sister’s writing is terrible with a capital T! Same applies to most of my college friends. I can’t even imagine how TA’s and professors graded their handwritten exams. In the age of computers and speech to text recognition, who really cares about handwriting? To me its just like saying because there are soo many restaurants and eateries, why should we bother cooking since food delivery is only a phone call or a click away (this might be a terrible analogy but it sounds right in my head). Most of my generation grew up with computers so they have great typing skills but terrible handwriting. I don’t necessarily think that people should learn how to write script/cursive but I do think they must have some kind of legible penmanship. I mean how are people going to sign contracts and documents? Are they just going to put “X” as their signature? Wouldn’t that make it easy for for identity theft…With everything being digitized, good penmanship is going to be like Latin. Only a few people will want to learn it which I think is rather unfortunate.


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