Food, Flirt, Savages, and Cupcakes

So far this weekend has been quite fascinating.
I spent (and still spending) the weekend with my sister and we are just relaxing. On Friday, for some odd reason, I was craving pizza. I haven’t had pizza since december after I revamped my diet. The only junk food I usually consume are the $1 McDoubles from McDonalds (only 390 calories, I think…) or any “healthy” meal options on the Dennys/IHOP menus. So for some unfounded reason my pizza cravings were off the charts so I gave in and had pizza. Bless who ever created the stuffed crusted pizza at pizzahut. That is all I will say on the pizza.

After devouring 6 pizza slices, I went to Best Buy to either get a new pair of headphones, a new portable external hard drive or a f/1.8 50mm telephoto lense. I was not going to get all three but two of the items. At Best Buy, one of the store attendants was shamelessly flirting with me (but my sister insists he was flirting with her). I am going to do my best to rehash out the little conversation we had.

Me: “Hi, which is the best headphones to get aside from the beats audio”
My Sister: “I think you should get the Bose ones. They are soo comfortable”
Store Attendant: Yeah she’s right. The Bose ones are the best, but they are very expensive.
*he begins to smile and looks at me* and says
“Have I seen you before?”, “You look very familiar”, “Are you from this area”
My Sister: “You whore!” “Where has this boy seen you before?? Come on spill”
Me: “I don’t know”. “I have not seen him before”. “He probably saw me at one of the big parties we have on campus”. “You know I can be a social butterfly when I get buzzed”

In my head was thinking where has this boy seen me before. I was thinking, Grindr? OkCupid? Scruff? hmmmm…my life. He goes on to talk about where he’s from and proceed to ask me if I’m from around the area. He began to convince me to buy a $300 Bose headphone and convince my sister to apply for a store card. Of course she did because she thought he was flirting with her. Fast forward to him checking out my purchases. He kept sneaking glances and smiling at me. I just smiled back and my sister and I whispered to each other say he has a nice arse. He wanted to know what we said but I kept laughing hysterically. He gave the bag with my purchased goods, told me that “I will see you around” and gave me a handshake! (since when do store attendants/cashiers do that?…hmm my life). After we left Best Buy, I messaged my bestfriends and they said I should run back inside and get his number but I said I will wait “until I see him around”.

From Best Buy, we went to see Oliver Stone’s “Savages”. My sister has girl crush on Blake Lively so of course she would want to see this movie. Surprisingly it was quite a good movie but I wish the movie did not end on a happy note. Call me malicious but a movie about drug trade and kidnapping should not have an happy ending. Also I thought the movie was a tad bit racist…

Yesterday, I made beef casserole from scratch and it was quite good. Today I am doing some summer cleaning and eating cupcakes.

Life’s good


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