Too Soon…

I may have celebrated my acceptance to the university in Berlin way too early. This past week I have been calling numerous banks asking for graduate loans and being denied. Who would have thought getting money from banks will be so complicated (damn you financial crisis!!!). I can’t get any federal loans either because the school is not on the federal government’s partner school. They only have one partner school in Germany (like really??) The reasons I keep getting denied loans from banks are :
1) I don’t make enough money (well duh!! I recently¬†graduated and just interning this summer)
2) The length of my credit is too short (well, I’ve only had a credit card for 3 years and almost done paying it off)
3) The school must be in the United States (well if it wasn’t so damn expensive in the U.S. I wouldn’t be going to Berlin)
4) They don’t have any lending agreement with the school in Berlin so they can’t offer me any loans

Its really upsetting for me as I don’t like asking my parents for money /help. I know it is the job of parents to take care their offsprings but with my parents once they offer their assistance, they pretty much own you and there is no room for freedom. Their words are pretty much final and they dictate how you live. Before I come of as a spoiled prat, I have to make one thing clear. My parents are by no means wealthy. They do their best to provide for my sister and I but they also very frugal and stingy. Also my parents don’t want me to move to Europe they want me to stay in the United States. My mum is willing to cosign if I find a loan but by dad refuses to get involved since I’m not staying in the United States.

One of my friends suggested that I get money to cover my first year and then apply for scholarships and grants (I am eligible to apply for scholarships from the German government). Since I applied to graduate school very late, I missed the deadlines for numerous scholarships. Also since tuition is fairly cheap (compared to the U.S.) my school does not offer any aid to international students. My other friend wants me to defer for a year or two, “work my butt off” and then go back to school. That was the original plan I had but since I couldn’t find jobs I decided to go back to school. I am really frustrated at this point. I could get a loan in Germany from Deutsche Bank but I need a guarantor – I don’t know anyone in Berlin/Germany – so I’m screwed. If only I had a sugar daddy…no but like seriously though.


3 thoughts on “Too Soon…

  1. That sucks. I can’t offer you any advice, really, other than to say … man, that sucks. I hope you can find a way to make it work.

    • Its fine. I am waiting on one more school (which is on the Federal government’s list of partner schools). Keeping my fingers crossed…

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