Best Week Yet…

This past week ( 18 June – 24 June) was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had in a very long time. My week started of in a very somber mood. I returned from NYC to a very empty apartment and realised I missed my housemate (my housemate moved out a week after we graduated so I live by myself now ). I texted one of my best friends and she said the week was going to get better. I went to work on Monday and did my usual responsibilities. Earlier that day I received an email from a graduate school I applied to in Berlin requesting a convenient time to conduct an interview with me as part of the application process. I replied stating that any time and day works for me but since there is a six hour time difference, I suggested 12h30 Berlin time (which is 06h30 in the U.S.). Since I did not give any specific day, I expected them to call me on Tuesday.On Tuesday I woke up around 05h00 and looked over sample interview question and waited patiently for the call but no phone call came. I went back to sleep around 07h30, woke up ay 10h00 and got ready for work. I decided to spend Tuesday evening at my sister’s apartment since I was too lazy to make dinner and she had some food I could devour…ermmm consume.

Any ho I spent the night at my sister’s and we even had a mock interview and she suggested some question. Once again at 05h00 on Wednesday morning, I woke up and looked over my interview questions and responses. I waited patiently for the call but no phone call came and went back to sleep again. I got ready for work around 09h30 and left my sister’s apartment. Around 12h30, my phone began to ring but I did not recognise the number. I answered the phone and the person responded saying that he was from the school I applied to and was going to conduct the interview. I quickly became nervous since I was art work and didn’t have anytime to prep. Also the call quality was very poor and the interviewer said he couldn’t properly hear me (damn you Sprint!!) so he said he was going to call me back later and he hanged up…

I went back to my email, found the telephone number of the interviewer and called him via Skype. I was very nervous and I tend to speak very fast when I get nervous so I already dreading the interview. I thought the interviewer was going to begin by asking me about myself and whatnot but he just asked me three questions. The forst question was; why did you apply to our school, followed by what are your plans for the future and then what are you doing this summer. I answered the questions as he asked and after answering the third question, he said that he was going to offer me a place at the school, and that I was the ideal candidate based on my work and academic accomplishment. After he said that, I was feeling very euphoric, I coud not contain my excitement. I think the interviewer could hear my happiness over the phone. He dent proceeded to tell me that he was going to have hi secretary send me a contract and I have up to a week to accept or decline the offer. After the interview ended, I quickly called my sister and my friends the good news. Ever since Wednesday, I’ve had a big grin on my face like the Cheshire cat. I accepted the offer on Friday and I have began to look at apartments in Berlin. I can’t believe my life has become so exciting!


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