New York City

Most people find it hard to believe when I say I am not a huge fan of New York City. My friends in NYC almost see it as blasphemy every time I don’t jump on the NYC is the best place ever bandwagon. I don’t necessarily hate New York City, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Granted its called the best city in the world, I prefer cities like Boston, London, Paris, Zurich and Washington D.C. to New York City (I have been in all these cities and lived in 3 of them).  While I love the fast-paced nature of NYC, it can be very overwhelming.  There is just soo much to do and too little time. One thing that really bugs me in NYC is the numerous amounts of scaffolds I see surrounding buildings. Obviously they exist to protect the buildings (?) but they take away from the beauty of the buildings (or maybe its just me). Anyway I am in NYC this weekend to visit family members I haven’t seen in a while. I don’t have anything planned but I may just relax and go take some pictures outside when I get the chance.


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