New Beginnings…well sort of

Every year I start at least 2 new blogs and promise to update them but fail to do so. I either forget to post or somehow  lose interests in them and they die a “cyberspace” death. The only thing I have managed to keep fairly updated is my tumblr page. So why am I starting a new blog again? Hmm, I don’t know but I had the sudden urge to to begin documenting my life and have a reflection in maybe five years. This blog will essentially be a commentary of many things (personal, societal, global, etc.). Since I recently graduated from a renowned  tertiary institution, I have been thrusted into the “real” world and will need to figure out what I will be doing with my expensive education/degree. I feel the need to introduce myself here but a part of me thinks no one will be reading this blog so why bother?

I will now leave with leave with a somewhat inspirational song


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